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17829 Bugos Lane, Salesville, OH 43778 | Phone: 614.216.1854


8', 12', and 16' custom hay feeders built to your specifications
from recycled schedule 40 steel pipe.
Suspended center rack to help reduce waste.
Holds square or round bales.

Steel Feeders and Gates

and Panels

8' Standard Feeder and Looped Feeder


12' Standard Feeder and Looped Feeder


16' Standard Feeder and Looped Feeder 


8' Standard Extended Top Feeder


12' Standard Extended Top Feeder


16' Standard Extended Top Feeder


Custom gates and panels

$16.00 per foot

20% deposit on all special orders. 


FREE delivery within 100 miles of Columbus, OH 
Please allow 4-6 weeks for all orders.

Call us today to place your custom order. We can modify to meet any industry standards.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our products.
One Year warranty against manufacturer defect. Will repair at manufacturer's expense.